Tim Peterson says, “At this point, it’s almost becoming more newsworthy if a major digital platform does not let brands retarget people who check out their sites or mobile apps with ads on that platform. Which is another way of saying that’s now a possibility on Pinterest.

By the end of this month, in order to expand the target audience, all advertisers will be able to target ads on Pinterest to people who have visited a brand’s website, used its mobile app or shared their email addresses with a brand, as well as people who may not have done those things but share similar characteristics. Brands will also be able to bring in data from Epsilon and LiveRamp to do this kind of audience targeting, which can be combined with regular Pinterest ad-targeting based on people’s interests, search keywords, the device they’re using and their location.

None of this is a groundbreaking development. Facebook, Google, Twitter and Facebook-owned Instagram already offer these ad-targeting options. Pinterest had already rolled out email-based ad targeting in March for advertisers using its Ads API. And Pinterest isn’t bringing anything new to the table with the type of on-site activities brands will be able to retarget against”.

Pinterest adds site, app retargeting to its ad-targeting options

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