Star ratings, also known as schema ratings, can have a big influence on buying decisions.. Maybe you’ve seen them on a Google search or on Amazon. When people see those stars, it attracts their attention, especially when it’s a high star rating.

Beyond that, Google has said that schema ratings and other structured data may influence the ranking algorithm.

Smart marketers are looking at schema ratings as a key tool for improved results.

Schema ratings give search engines a better understanding of what your content is all about. That information will encourage search engines to show your site to more people. So, you should get better exposure, more traffic, more clicks, higher conversion, and more sales.

A major benefit of using a schema rating is that the rating increases the implicit trustworthiness your site has in the eyes of your visitors And this trust leads to an emotional response, and that tends to lead the buyer to trust the product.

Sam Robinson, Jitendra Vaswani and their team are launching SchemaNinja Pro today, at 12:00 EDT.

This new software (a WordPress plugin) does schema rating automatically.

It is built to boost the reach of all your posts. To use it to boost your ranking, just download and install the plugin. and you will start seeing results within 48 hours.

To build your sales further, SchemaNinja Pro has a built in buy button, so it may help get you more sales.

It even comes with a recommendation feature, which allow you to compare products based on pros and cons. Based on the comparison and the stars each product earns, your visitor chooses which product to buy.

Along with the comparison, you can also add any call to action (CTA) you choose, such as “try now” or “buy now”.

Marketers can use this in a lot of online situations. Anyone doing product reviews, or having an online store, or promoting products or affiliate offers will find value in SchemaNinja Pro.

No technical experience is required for using this new plugin. Check out the demo here to see it for yourself.

It’s a 7 day launch; after that, the price rises. Unfortunately, even during the launch, the price rises in 3 steps.

At 11 AM EDT, an hour before the cart opens, you can participate in an introductory webinar that will show you the many advantages of this new software. Register here: SchemaNinja Presentation.

IM NewsWatch has arranged a collection of 10 bonuses (including some you can resell). You can see our bonuses here: Bonuses for SchemaNinja.

So, get your copy as soon as you can for the best price (along with our bonus bundle): SchemaNinja Pro

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