Luke Maguire and Anthony Morrison have been studying Facebook and its potential for creating a dramatic improvement in marketing success.

It’s a fact: Not all social media traffic is created equal. At the top of the pyramid is Facebook. And its dominance is growing.

For example, Facebook is going after YouTube’s worldwide video domination. Facebook wants to knock YouTube off its throne with the new Facebook Live video service..

Recently, Facebook announced FB Live. And in the days since, it has become the world’s fastest growing video streaming platform.

It gets even better for marketers. Facebook has started rewarding people for using this free service. Now, you get better organic reach for every post. That’s a big plus for marketers.

But Facebook is limiting your use of this new tool. You can only broadcast ‘live’ from one channel, one Facebook profile, or Facebook page or group.

As a result of this limitation, you miss a lot of your potential audience.

That limitation started Maguire and Morrison thinking about how they could overcome the restriction in your visibility. The result is Live Leap.

This new software lets you syndicate your FB Live feeds across every Facebook page and group you own.

This software fills in the gaps in your marketing arsenal. You can now go live from a fan page, only (without involving your profile) and have your live content syndicate to groups and other pages.

With this new capability you can:
• Send traffic to any offer on demand
• Send traffic without a website or even a store
• Instantly blast out and syndicate to hundreds of pages and groups instantaneously.

This way, all your followers, fans and friends can know what you are engaged in, whether a product launch, a contest, an affiliate campaign, etc.

This innovative software is launching today at 9:00 EDT, and you get the best pricing if you invest early.

All it takes to use Live Leap is a smartphone or an internet connection.

This software (and the training that goes with it) turns FB Live a marketing asset you need to evaluate..

After all, it is brought to you by 2 expert software developers who’ve tested this “every which way” and certify that it’s now ready for action.

This may be the best way to profit from Facebook’s latest feature.

>> See It In Action Here: Live Leap.

By the way, during launch week, with Morrison’s and Maguire’s approval, we want you to know about some valuable bonuses, such as live training and the VIP FB group access.

Don’t delay. At 9 AM, check this new software here: Live Leap..

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