Today, Richard Fairbairn, Chris Jenkins and Paul Okeeffe are releasing their new software that lets beginners do amazing things with graphics, 11am EDT.

Pixal been in development for a year. Refinement after refinement has been added to it, making it a candidate for best software of the year.

It will only be available with an unlimited license for 5 days. More about this in a moment.

Pixal is impressive software, but even more impressive is the license they give you. You are allowed to not only use it, but also sell it.

During the launch, you are getting a reseller’s license. r. After the 5 days of the launch period, this software will no longer be available for a purchase. Instead, it will go to a monthly subscription, with an ongoing fee.

Don’t underestimate the importance of the reseller’s license. Usually, to get a reseller’s license, you need to buy the main product and then buy an up-sell. But this time, during the 5-day launch, it’s different. But you need to act now if you want this. By Sunday, it will be too late.

Pixal conforms to the latest HTML5 standard, It can create ads and other graphics that any modern browser can display beautifully.

>> Check out the demo video here.

So what should you know about Pixal? Here are just a few of the amazing features:

Cloud Based Software

Pixal uses Amazon servers so every design you create is safe and secure. You also have the option to download your graphics in multiple formats.

Large Media Database

All users can access its large media database (over 250,000 graphics) of images, icons, vectors to use in their designs (and this is updated every month.)

Unique Elements you won’t find elsewhere

You can build unique designs with our unique elements. Forget boring static graphics, make something that is unique.

Stunning Text Effects

Over 20 different text effects from wobble to shake, jump in jump out. These make your graphics instantly stand out.

Embed Content Into Graphics

You can actually embed elements into the graphics. You can add social like buttons, graphs and more directly into the image.

Tracking And Statistics

You can instantly see which of your graphics, banners, ads are getting the most clicks and conversions, with its smart track application.

In App Image Editor

Import any images into the editor. Then edit them or choose from special effects. From greyscale to noise. From flip to crop and more.

Animation Presets

Your graphics will look unique with the pre built animations. Over 20 appear and 20 disappear animations make these graphics pop from the page.

Built In Rotator

The system has a built-in ad rotator so you can check how many clicks you are getting on banners, ads, graphics. You can also instantly split test them.

Multiple Graphic Formats

You can download and save in multiple formats, html5, png and jpg. Plus all banners, graphics and ads can be saved to the cloud.

Drag and Drop User Interface

The drag and drop editor lets you create any graphic, ad or banner that you can imagine. Just point and click to build.

Campaign Manager

Set campaigns inside its system and test multiple banners, ads or graphics against each other. Campaigns can be turned on or off instantly.

Shopify Embeds

Embed a live Shopify button directly on to the banner. You can show your products on the banner and lead your customers direct to the cart.

Interactive Maps

Add interactive Google maps to banners and graphics. Perfect for offline business, you can instantly show viewers where the business is located.

GEO IP Location

The graphics can be sensitive to the location of the visitor. You can personalize graphics and banners based on the visitor’s country and city.

Embed Forms

You can embed forms from most major autoresponders so you can collect emails straight from the graphic. No more boring forms.

Built-In Pop-up Creator

You can make your banners and graphics into stunning pop-ups that users can’t help but click. On exit, on intent and entry.

Template Gallery

There is a built-in template gallery. Basic users get a set number of templates. You can upgrade to Pro to get monthly additions to your gallery.

Instant Edits

You can instantly edit any image, graphic, ad or banner you have created, and it will instantly update the image online.

You haven’t ever seen a graphics tool this powerful. The problem is the 5-day window for getting unlimited use. And there’s one more problem: the price is rising daily.

Get your best price here, today: Pixal

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