Webinars are a route many successful marketers use to bring in income. In that way, webinars are like TV infomercials, only a lot cheaper.

Webinar systems are widely available. Unfortunately, although they are cheaper than infomercials, many webinar platforms are themselves pricey for small marketers.

The best-known webinar platforms are priced out of the reach of beginning marketers. Check their pricing here:
Go to Meeting pricing
Webex pricing

Even Mike Filsaime’s and Andy Jenkins’s WebinarJam, designed for individual marketers, is $397 per year, and it depends on Google Hangouts, with all the limitations that implies.

Now, Walt Bayliss is releasing Webinar Jeo. And it has functionality similar to Go-to-Meeting, with a price lower than WebinarJam.

Webinar Jeo may change the way you think about webinars.

There are some well-known marketers who are already using this platform for their own businesses. You will see why in the pre-launch introduction. They have been the beta-test team and have found this new webinar platform just what they need.

Watch the demo of this new tool to understand the power of webinars even if you have never done a webinar before. It will show you what is possible.

And if you are upgrading from Bayliss’s earlier software, RunClick, don’t forget that you can get special upgrade pricing here: RunClick Upgrade Pricing.

This is your chance to get in on this new system on the ground floor. Find out more, here: Webinar Jeo

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