If you invested in Walt Bayliss‘s RunClick software, you will want to be aware of this update he is making.

RunClick turns Google Hangouts into webinars, with registration, reminders and other important tools for marketing webinars. This software makes professional webinars available to any marketer; no deep pockets are needed.

The technique worked, but there are two limitations that reduced the value of using RunClick:
1. There is a delay in transmitting what you say, only a second or two, and if you are lecturing, it doesn’t matter. But, if you are doing an interactive webinar, where the audience is expected to respond, that delay can break up the flow. You wait 2 seconds to get their response, and they wait 2 more for you to react.

2. RunClick was a WordPress plugin, so it required a WP site to operate. And there were often conflicts between this plugin and other plugins. And WordPress was in a continual upgrade mode, and each update to WordPress required updates to the plugin.

To address these 2 problems, Bayliss directed his software team to change direction:
1. No more Google Hangouts
2..No longer based on WordPress (but this causes other compatibility problems, so he added a second direction.)
3. Make it cloud-based, using a single server, so the system does have to conform to the many varieties of servers and systems that are floating around the web.

The result is a new and better product, Webinar Jeo. If you are a buyer of the original RunClick you will be offered a 20% discount on the new software.

The new software is being launched on Monday, at 10 AM EDT. You can get the discount during the launch (which will already have special pricing). You will get the best cost ever available to anyone.

Bayliss explains the whole concept here: RunClick Owners Upgrade

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