Tim Peterson says, “If an ad can run on Facebook, eventually it’s going to run anywhere Facebook can run it. At least that seems to be the trend.

A week after Facebook brought its retargeting ads to Instagram, it’s bringing its brand-tailored video ads to its ad network of third-party sites and apps, Audience Network. And it’s bringing that ad network to the desktop web for the first time.

Facebook’s Audience Network already ran video ads across publishers’ properties, but those ads introduced last year were aimed at direct-response advertisers. They were less about getting people to watch a brand’s video and more about getting them to click to install the app that the video was promoting.

To cater to brand advertisers, Audience Network will add the option of buying video ads with an intent to get people to watch those ads versus click on some call to action attached to them. To buy ads with these video view objectives, advertisers will be able to purchase them on a cost-per-view basis or set a bid price and have Facebook’s technology figure out how many impressions it would need to serve to hit the brand’s video view goal; Facebook calls this latter way of buying ads optimized CPM (oCPM)”.

Facebook brings its brand-friendly video ads to its ad network

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