Luther Landro is no stranger to regular readers of IM NewsWatch. He has become known as a successful marketing consultant to brick and mortar businesses who want to develop an online presence that extends their ability to sell retail goods from their stores.

Over the years he has refined his selling techniques and now regularly gets new retail customers. And, on average, he says, the pay him about $5000 per month. And that’s just on their initial purchase. If they buy any of his other offerings, they would provide extra earnings for him.

Landro is offering to share his processes with other marketing consultants who want to improve their income. One of his principles of success when he consults with a potential client is that cookie-cutter offers won’t work. Every business is different and his offer needs to address the unique needs of the potential client.

When you sell a real solution to the client’s real problems, the sale is far more likely. So Landro starts his client conversations with a set of probing questions to uncover the client’s needs. Then he proposes a solution to the problems they report.

In his Profit Hackers Membership refreshed for 2016, he is sharing his:
• Draft proposals that you can customize
• Copy and paste questionnaires you can email to potential clients to uncover their problems
• Pre-packaged software and solutions for the common problems businesses face (not every possible problem, but the most frequent ones)
• A member forum where you can ask for help when you get the occasional strange requirement
• Scripts for a cold call to a business owner
• Service guides that explain how to deliver the services you offer
• Web Design themes and template for local business sites
• Landro’s rolodex of outsourcers who can do all the technical work needed to deliver your service
• Reputation Management Software (this is needed by many businesses, even if they don’t know it.)

If you want to help small businesses do the web right, Profit Hackers Membership will get you started in the most productive direction, without wasted time or energy.

Let Luther tell you all about it and get your membership here: Profit Hackers Membership

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