If you are a consultant who sells websites to your clients, WordPress is both a blessing and a curse. If makes it easy for you to build sites, but it also makes it easy for your clients to take their upgrade and maintenance work to someone else.

Neil Napier‘s new Press Label software let’s you build sites even easier, while customizing the so they don’t have a “cookie cutter” feel.

Using this new software, you can easily:
• Rebrand WordPress with your own brand
• Customize the navigation for the site
• Custom-Build login pages for your client sites
• Create flexible visual layouts for your sites
• Duplicate your designs so you can make the next site even faster,

all while maintaining full control over your work.

Disney uses WordPress. Forbes uses WordPress. BBC uses WordPress And so do a host of other major businesses, but you would never know it by looking at their sites.

They have done a lot of custom work to make their site unique. Now with, Press Label, you have a solution to customizing sites for yourself and for your clients, and the cost is a tiny fraction of what the big companies pay.

Your custom designs can have several important advantages over the default designs:
1. You can remove any WordPress branding. Add your own logo in place of the WordPress logo.
2. You can customize even the back office dashboard to simplify it, eliminating features your clients will never use.
3. Create login pages that are customized for your client with a unique layout and artwork (such as their logo).
4. If your clients don’t have a logo, you get a collections of logos that you can customize for them.
5. You will avoid a lot of hacking because all the rebranding it does. If it doesn’t look like WordPress, hackers won’t know how to attack it. You can remove every trace of WordPress branding from the site so the clues that hackers depend on to penetrate WordPress will be missing.

You get all this and more with this new customization tool.

Get your own copy here: Press Label

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