Parry Malm says, “Ah, the humble subject line. Gatekeeper of your offers. The crux of your campaigns. And the source of unrivalled consternation.

Is the message on brand? Does it sound spammy? Will it drive sales?

According to the vast majority of the N subject lines we analysed, the answers are no, yes, and probably not as much as you’d like.

I’m in the subject line business. So, it makes sense that my company keeps track of subject lines that brands around the world are sending.

We’ve built up one of the worlds’ largest databases of subject lines sent by B2C brands. It is all content that we receive in our inboxes after signing up on retailers’ websites, so it’s all public domain (no confidences are being broken, don’t worry!)

We took 32,198 randomly-selected subject lines from major global retailers and ran them through Phrasee Pheelings, a sentiment analysis engine we built specifically to quantify the semantic makeup of subject lines”.

According to 32,198 emails, most retailers use boring subject lines

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