Satish Gaire has just launched PandaText.

When you send a message to anyone, you want assurance that it arrived and, preferably, that they took the appropriate action. Like most marketers, you would feel the same way about messages you send to your mailing list.

And, for legitimate marketers like you, it is just as important to realize that the people on your list feel the same way whenever they try to get a response from you.

Now, you can help your site visitors feel a sense of confidence when they text you from their screen, and you text them back, directly to their cell phone.

That is part of the promise of PandaText.

“Click-To-SMS” technology is finally available at a price the little guys can afford. Now, for a one time fee you can get a lifetime of texting your website visitors.

They type their message, click twice, and they get a text message from you.

Think of the engagement this can build with your visitors. This app for SMS marketing allows your subscribers to have a live conversation with you via SMS.

And once you have this conversation, you can:
• Capture the visitor’s phone numbers and confirm their interest in getting messages from you
• Send targeted text messages to the opt-in list with your sales message or other announcement
• Get mobile traffic fast without paying high costs

You have no doubt heard about the trend of people spending more time on their smart phone than on their computer. Communicating with these phone users is critical for your business. PandaText helps you convert more visitors into prospects and convert more prospects into buyers, because at the end of the day, all potential customers are real people, tied to a cell phone.

To make this risk-free, you have a 30 day money back guarantee.

Use coupon 10SAVINGS at checkout to get 10% off. What a deal!

On the sales page, click the bright red button in the upper right corner to see this new marketing tool in action. Try it out, then get your own copy for your websites, here: PandaText.

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