Tamar Weinberg says, “Pinterest’s ad marketplace is expanding its borders. The Wall Street Journal reports today that Pinterest is opening its advertising platform overseas, enabling those in the United Kingdom to utilize its self-service platform to purchase ads for the millions of UK users the image sharing social network serves.

Pinterest has been heavily focused on building out its monetization priorities overseas, following in the footsteps of Facebook and Twitter. The two networks have about 80% and 75% penetration, respectively, overseas, according to the WSJ. Additionally, Facebook and Twitter derive 50% and 35% of their revenues, respectively, from international ads. With Pinterest serving 100 million users globally, an international ad expansion is a logical step, especially if the image-sharing network intends to IPO down the road.

The company generated approximately $100 million in revenues using its self-serve marketplace last year, according to a source referenced by WSJ. This was primarily done through Pinterest’s self-serve marketplace, which enables any marketer of any size business to purchase ads through an automated system”.

UK users can now buy Pinterest ads

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