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Thursday, February 20, 2020
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Monthly Archives: March 2016

‘Make It Work: Applying the 6 Top Trends in Content Marketing At Your Business’ –

Amie Marse says, “Most business owners know that quality content marketing influences how well their business does overall, especially in its first few years. However, content marketing trends change frequently. Quantity is privileged over quality and vice versa depending on whose advice you take. Some types of content becomes trendy while others fall out of […]

‘3 Reasons Your Small Business Should Use Email Marketing’ – Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur team says, “Marketing has changed significantly in the last several decades. Technological advancements in the field have given birth to platforms like social media and search engine marketing, leaving marketers with no shortage of channels to leverage. Just last year, the Direct Marketing Association reported that over half of all marketers they surveyed planned to […]

‘How to Make the Leap from Product Marketing to Content Marketing’ – CMI

Michele Linn says, “I recently had the pleasure of being a guest on Bruce McDuffee’s podcast, Manufacturing Marketing Matters. At the end, he posed this challenge question from a listener: We’ve been listening to your podcast and really appreciate the great information. We are working on our audience-facing mission statement, but we’re having a hard time […]

Domaining: How to turn domains to cash #ad

Domaining is an online business with evergreen appeal. It’s a lot like flipping houses. Find a low-priced domain name, buy it, make it more attractive and sell it for a nice profit. It’s a relatively hassle-free way to earn a living online. We have experienced this first-hand. We have sold domain names for hundreds of […]

‘17 Content Creation Secrets to Wow Your Readers′ – ‘Convince & Convert’ Blog

Jay Baer ‘s latest ‘Convince & Convert’ blog post is titled “26 Truths About Me and Convince and Convert″.

‘3 upcoming trends in paid search’ – Marketing Land

Mona Elesseily says, “Recently, we’ve seen some fairly significant changes on the search engine results pages (SERPs). Right-rail ads have disappeared, and on mobile, we’re seeing more prominent placement of Google Shopping ad units. In this article, I’ll cover some upcoming trends in paid search and speculate on where the trends will lead. Though I […]

‘Want to Expand Your Reach? Effective Social Outreach Strategies for 11 Different Industries’ – HubSpot

Lindsay Kolowich says, “As a marketer, you probably spend a lot of time thinking about how to promote and distribute the content your team creates — which includes social media outreach. After all, you know that by tapping into the right social networks and key influencers at the right times, you can expose your content […]

’11 digital platforms and tips to improve your advertising strategy’ – ‘Mashable’

Scott Gerber says, “As social media and digital marketing evolve, so should your company’s advertising strategies. Don’t be afraid to experiment with platforms like Snapchat to communicate with current and potential clients on a more personal level. Of course, being successful on these newer platforms is contingent on understanding how to maximize your investment. With […]

‘What can prevent ad fraud? We ask an ad tech CEO’ – Econsultancy

Ben Davis says, “Recently, I wrote an article about the scale of ad fraud. In it, I mentioned a press release I had received from engage:BDR about their new VP of Inventory Quality. I decided to catch up with their CEO, Ted Dhanik, to discuss the state of the industry. Tell us what your new […]

‘How to Find Your Content Marketing Strength’ – Copyblogger

Caroline Early says, “With an array of content mediums to choose from, which ones will work best for you and your business? In this week’s edition of Rewind, Amy Harrison answers your content marketing questions on the most recent episode of Hit Publish. By sharing some of her personal experiences, she hopes to help you evaluate […]