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Thursday, February 20, 2020
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Monthly Archives: March 2016

‘How Marketers Generate Content Ideas’ – MarketingProfs

Ayaz Nanji says, “Most marketers still develop ideas for content based on intuition rather than research or data, according to a recent report from Rundown. The report was based on data from a survey conducted in 2015 of 330 self-identified content marketers who work for companies located in the United States. Some 88% of respondents […]

‘Google kicks off a redesign of AdWords’ – Marketing Land

Ginny Marvin says, “Google showed off a first look at the redesign of AdWords currently underway. The company is overhauling the look of AdWords, which has seen hundreds of features added over the 15-plus years since Google first launched the platform for search advertising on desktop. Now advertisers use AdWords for running search, display, video […]

‘Required Reading: Top 10 Blogs for Inbound Marketers’ –

Shirly Tan says, “Blogs are a great place to get insights and intelligence on your own efforts in business. Online marketing has become a popular topic among bloggers. It’s an ideal place for an inbound marketer to get tips about how they might improve their own strategies or learn about new tools, platforms, and solutions. […]

‘Ecommerce Wars on Social Media – What Are They Aiming At?’ – Entrepreneur

Ritu Kochar says, “The recent face-off between Flipkart’s Sachin Bansal and Snapdeal’s CEO Kunal Bahl on Twitter took everyone back to the time of Cola wars where Pepsi and Coca-Cola chose advertising, the ecommerce companies have added Twitter to their artillery. Shots were fired and egos were hurt. As the competition intensifies, the big boys of […]

’10 Ways Automated Email Can Wow Your Customers’ – MarketingProfs

Veronica Jarski says, “Emails have the power to wow your customers, but you need to know what kind of emails to send. The following 10 tips can help. One type of powerful automated email is an order confirmation. “When buying online, especially from a site you haven’t used before, there’s always a smidgen of doubt […]

‘The death of the home page has been greatly exaggerated’ – Marketing Land

Barry Levine says, “Talk for more than a few minutes to content publishers, and they’ll often bemoan the fact that few visitors reach their sites through the home page any more. The real action, they’ll say, is from “side door” visits directly to a specific story, via a link shared by social media, texting, email, […]

‘Reaching the Masses: The Secret Guide To Instagram Influencer Marketing’ –

Shane Barker says, “With the ever-rising popularity of social media, Instagram influencer marketing has become one of the most effective tools for marketers in every niche. Consumers now look to fellow consumers and their favorite Instagram personalities for making their purchase decisions. They are strongly influenced by social media posts and comments, especially on Instagram. […]

’18 Sales Email Opening Lines That Put “Hi, My Name Is” to Shame’ – HubSpot

Emma Brudner says, “You know what tips buyers off that the email they’re reading is a sales pitch? “Hi, My name is John Smith, and I’m a sales rep at Company.” Yup. That’ll do it. While you should never actively hide the fact that you’re a salesperson from buyers, there are far more creative and […]

‘Digital Marketing Strategy ROI for Entrepreneurs: It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint’ – Entrepreneur

Erik Huberman says, “As any marathon runner will tell you, covering 26.2 miles is no easy task. Preparing for a race that grueling requires an abundance of time, willpower and commitment. You can’t train for it in a few days — or even a few weeks. But when you cross the finish line, you know that […]

‘Evergreen Content: How to Boost Your SEO and Website Traffic with Timeless Content’ – Aweber Blog

The latest ‘Aweber’ blog post is titled “What You Need to Know About Canada’s Anti-Spam Law (CASL)”.