Valerie Levin says, “Is technology killing marketing?

With so much focus on which tools can integrate, convert, engage, etc., it seems like marketers have forgotten what they actually do.

Sure, technology has become a natural part of life and business, but sometimes it can be blinding to what we are actually attempting to accomplish.

“You’re confusing what marketing is about with the tools, channels and feedback loops to do it,” said David Wheldon, President of the World Federation of Advertisers and CMO of RBS Group.

His recent speech at ISBA Conference warned marketers to be careful in putting too much attention on “the digital revolution, social media, technology and big data.”

Technology might have the potential to revolutionize marketing, but not if marketers lose sight of what it means to market. Even if you have the GPS system to get to an unfamiliar destination, if you lose the address, you still can’t get there”.

Beauty in the Basics: Getting Back to the Bare Bones of Marketing

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