Andrew Caravella says, “More than 400 million active users take to Instagram to show and tell. From photos with family and selfies with friends, washed in everything from Sierra to Slumber, individuals embrace Instagram as a part of everyday life. In fact, a recent Pew Research poll confirms Instagram is the fastest-growing major social network. So, driven by the platform’s simplicity and mobile-centric interface, a brand’s approach to customer engagement now requires more than a quick crop and wash. As you or your team are tasked with ongoing management, consider these guiding principles to curate and cultivate a lively Instagram community.

1. First goals, then filters
While it’s important to take a stylistic approach that sets a nice tone, first things first. Why are you on Instagram, and what does your brand hope to achieve within this community? Not every business has the same objectives, and not every social network rallies behind the same brand calls. Retailers and ecommerce brands tend to focus on product marketing. Travel and hospitality brands typically tap the senses with luxurious to business (B2B) companies often communicate company culture. Agencies frequently highlight client work. And so on”.

3 Tips to Improve Your Instagram Strategy

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