Simon Lim has released a brand new set of marketing tools and resources for consultants who help local businesses start marketing online.

Local businesses often are fearful of starting out online. They worry about whether they will be pouring money down the drain.

Lim’s new tools (his Overcoming Website Objections Toolkit) will help you overcome those fears and objections.

Business owners know that they don’t know much. That’s why they are reluctant to invest. That’s a smart approach.
Your job is to educate them about why they are missing out by not being online and as a second point, why you are qualified to be their consultant to build their site for them.

So, Overcoming Website Objections Toolkit focuses on educating business owners and overcoming the common objections and concerns they might have about creating a website for their business.

You can download this package in the next few minutes, and start using it to promote to your clients in just a few hours.

This is a massive pack of premium quality graphics and marketing tools that will help you easily target high-paying small businesses who desperately need your services See what you are getting:
• Whiteboard Video Commercial for your services, pointing out why they need you
• High Converting Landing Pages
• A report you can give your prospects, addressing their concerns before they voice them
• Multiple covers for your report
• Email Followups for your prospects
• Print-Ready Graphics to use in your materials for finding customers
• Online Graphics for interesting prospective customers
• A template email you can customize and use for finding customers

With all this kit of sales materials, you can get started right away
■ Show a potential customer your video; they learn that you know how to make videos for them.
■ Send them to your lead generation page; they know you can make them a for lead gen page, too.
■ Use your other marketing resources in Overcoming Website Objections Toolkit to persuade them you are the one they should hire to create their own marketing resources.

Even if you are an experienced consultant to local businesses, this kit of tools can make your job a lot easier. Check it out here: Overcoming Website Objections Toolkit

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