Unfortunately for marketers, email is a “tool with leaks”. A lot of people you send email to never see your mail:
• They have changed email address without telling you
• Your email goes into their spam folder.
• They get so much email that yours isn’t noticed.
• etc.

There ought to be a way around these problems. Fortunately, now there is.

Andrew Darius has a new software tool, Push Response that allows people to sign up for (and allows you to build) a list of people who visited your website Then it allows you to broadcast promotions to them without email.

With this new technology, you can bypass all the email problems and get more traffic and sales by sending messages directly to people’s computer desktops and to Android mobile devices.

This is powerful and flexible:

■ It is similar to email autoresponders, but people instantly see the messages you send to their desktop. They don’t need to open an email.

■ The receiver doesn’t even have to be using their browser or your website to receive your messages. If their PC or Android is turned on, the message will show up on their screen.

■ Build your push notification lists, and you can send messages, such as promoting your offers, to that list.

■ You can create multiple lists, follow-up sequences, scheduled broadcast messages, spur-of-the-moment messages to people who didn’t click a previous message, and a lot more.

Push Response allows you to send unlimited messages, create unlimited lists, create unlimited follow up sequences, and even use geo targeting.

Darius hasn’t released the software to the public yet. But he will tomorrow. He is letting quick acting marketers get it early for a big discount, today only. Today only, for tomorrow’s monthly charge, you get a lifetime account.

This is worth looking into right now before Darius raises the price (at Midnight EDT, tonight) and starts charging a monthly fee.

Even if you aren’t ready to use this new tool, get it today before the monthly fee kicks in. Get it here: Push Response.

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