Skype lets you make unlimited phone calls in the US and Canada for a tiny monthly or annual fee. This can be the key to your prospecting for clients in your consulting business. Call as many people as you want for about $3 per month.

If you don’t prefer Skype, Vonage and other alternatives are also available. They cost a little more, but are still cheap, compared with typical phone plans.

They are all inexpensive, true, but it’s a manual process to contact prospective clients, and requires a lot of manual work to keep track of the ones already called, what their response is, and what follow-up is needed.

But now, Mark Thompson and Shane Starr have released new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software focussed on managing the phone calls that have been made and the ones yet to be made. It’s called SalesEnvy.

This software lets you load a list of calls you need to make into its database, and then, if you want it to, it will save your time by doing the dialling for you. At the conclusion of your call, SalesEnvy lets you enter results information into its database, for a record.

And, at your option, the next phone number on your list is automatically called as soon as the previous call has ended.

That’s just the beginning. It will also:
• Schedule Meetings:
• Handle Sales Pipeline Management:
• Manage Sales Scripts, for yourself or for a team of salespeople
• Manage Follow-Up Reminders
• Record every call that you or your team makes for training and quality assurance
• Send out personalized follow-up emails to your prospects

This new software is available in editions for a one-person team, for teams up to 10 people and, for larger companies, there’s an edition that supports 25 users.

To boost your success with this new software, Thompson has agreed to allow IM NewsWatch to offer 5 WordPress plugins to enhance the value of this offer. See our bonus plugins here: IM NewsWatch Bonuses for SalesEnvy.

The investment for all this is surprisingly low for software so powerful. See it in action, get all the facts, and get your own copy here: SalesEnvy.

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