Yes, Alibaba’s AliExpress is bigger than Walmart, bigger than Amazon, bigger than Shopify and bigger than McDonalds. Last year UPS and FedEx handled 5 billion packages from Alibaba.

And it invites affiliates to help it make sales. It costs nothing to become an affiliate and it’s simple to join. Here are some key facts about the Alibaba online empire:
• With the right software it’s easy to set up a store in just minutes.
• There is less affiliate competition than Amazon and eBay,
• The Global Reach of AliExpress lets your one affiliate site handle requests from all countries.
• AliBaba is bigger than Amazon and eBay combined so the affiliate opportunity is bigger, too.

Its affiliate program is similar to others you may have looked at, but its store is huge. You could make 100 affiliate sites without any overlap.

You could make these sites, that is, if you had a way to build an Ali Express store. It’s not easy to build such a store from scratch. You need software help.

That’s why Dimas Kadarisman built a new plugin he calls AliPlugin that can turn an ordinary WordPress site into an e-commerce store, featuring your selection of Ali Express products.

Now, you can get your store up and running with products you select in a short time.

AliPlugin allows you to add thousands of AliExpress products to your WordPress website quickly and easily.

The plugin will put your affiliate ID in all links buying links on your site so you get commission for all sales referred to

It includes a sophisticated search engine that helps you find products that meet your criteria and then add them to your store.

You can easily check how many products are loaded to your website, how many views each product has received, and how many clicks each has sent to

This appears to be the most powerful AliExpress software ever. Get your copy here: AliPlugin

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