A lot of marketers are finding that Bing delivers more sales, at lower cost, than Google. It was only a matter of time before CPA affiliates began using Bing for these offers, too.

The problem many CPA affiliate marketers face is that while they get commissions when people take action, they don’t have an easy way to build a mailing list at the same time, so they can send new offers to their list.

Ram Rawat is an average guy who saw the apparent conflict between CPA and list building and resolved to do something about it.

He began experimenting with Bing ads. For a long time, he lost money, but eventually he tried a technique that succeeded. He then tried the same strategy with health & fitness niche, self-help niche, relationship niche, offline niche and it worked every single time.

He knew he was onto something, so he continued. He finally refined his simple strategy into a process that gets highly targeted subscribers to his list, in any niche, while paying just few cents for his clicks.

He has packaged this process into training that he dubbed CPA List Domination.

This is a step-by-step blueprint that is super scalable and repeatable.

Anyone can to this, even rank beginners. And, you will be happy to know, Rawat promises that it starts getting ad clicks quite fast and the people who see his page take action on a frequent basis.

This is the kind of business a beginner can start with, while getting acquainted with online marketing. Once you are running this business like clock-work, you may decide to branch out into other areas, or you may just scale this CPA business to scale your profits.

Commenting on CPA List Domination, noted marketer, Jai Sharma says, “This method is solid and, most importantly, it can make you a lot of money if you take action.”

If you want to build you list and earn CPA commissions from cheap Bing ads, get this new training here: CPA List Domination.

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