Dale Hursh says, “Many marketers working to generate leads via digital channels get too focused on the specific conversion action, whatever it may be. In my opinion, this viewpoint is too narrow given the amount of activity that must occur both before and after the conversion.

By giving pre- and post-conversion activities more attention, marketers can improve lead gen results and increase bottom-line revenue.

The Lead Journey
I urge marketers to look at the conversion action as the mid-point in a journey that starts with first engagement activities and ends with money in the bank. This journey can be represented as the entire length of your sales funnel, or buying process, which in some cases can be many months.

I like to envision the funnel horizontally, with the first engagement on the far left and the revenue event on the far right”.

Optimizing Conversions Isn’t Everything! Don’t Neglect What Happens Before & After

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