Experienced online marketer Jason Parker knows the importance of leads for any business. They are essential for a business to succeed because they represent new potential customers.

Your customer list is always shrinking. People move, change jobs, lose interest or get tired of so much email. And they unsubscribe. These kinds of changes mean your mailing list is shrinking. You need new leads just to stay even.

If you are marketing to people who want to make money online through internet marketing, then Parker has something you will be interested in, 1000 Leads a Day from Scratch.

Parker’s new training is a video course, starring another well-known online marketer, Charles Kirkland who did just what 1000 Leads a Day from Scratch implies.

He took a brand new, empty autoresponder account and within a day, he filled it with over 1000 people.

This video training shows you how Kirkland did, and you can, generate over 1000 leads consistently every day.

The cost of putting this process into practice is peanuts. Kirkland was able to get leads for as little as 1/10 of 1 cent each.

If you haven’t built the kind of list you need to profit on line. Parker and Kirkland want to help you out. And they are doing for a tiny investment of just $7.

And, they promise that you can generate at least 500 leads a day at a minimum, or you get every penny of the $7 back. What could be fairer than that?

And remember that you can do it as a raw beginner, starting with nothing but a computer and an autoresponder account.

They tell you all about it and offer it to you here: 1000 Leads a Day from Scratch.

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