Amplifire has been available for 2 days, now, and has sold well over 1000 copies.

This intuitive software can help you build your opt-in list , sell products, gather CPA commissions and more.

It creates full-page attention-attracting screens they call “conversion mats”, and it has the simplest drag-and-drop system available in any similar software.

They (Tom, Stuart and Ayoub) have created a real-time demo to show you how easy it is to set up campaigns.

With this new software, it is easy to:
• Create full-screen Calls-to-Action that grab your visitor’s attention (and get results)
• Add email opt-in forms so people will sign up for your mailing list
• Engage visitors with coupons, contests and polls
• Add your own video and audio content to your conversion mats
• Add social media buttons to your mats so people can invite others to your site
• Integrate your opt-in forms with your Autoresponder (all the popular ones)
• Include countdown timers to instill a sense of urgency
• Insert animations in your mats so your campaigns are even more attention-grabbing.

This powerful software includes a unique, intuitive Mobile builder so your mats work on mobile devices, too.

Connect Amplifire to any website or eCom store you own with 1 line of code. It couldn’t be simpler.

You can even use it with websites you don’t own with the unique “remote commander” feature.

This software may be a marketer’s best friend. And there are more benefits we haven’t mentioned.

Amplifire has just launched and the price is the lowest you will ever see again. And you only pay once.

However, the price is rising and they are planning on modifying their offer to a monthly subscription, soon.

And there’s one more important benefit. IM NewsWatch is offering our readers a collection of outstanding bonuses with this new software: IM NewsWatch Bonuses for Amplifire.

This has been a popular launch; the high quality and low price have led to well over 1000 sales. You don’t want to be without this tool and let your competitors overtake you. To get the best price, go here now, before the price rises again: Amplifire.

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