Today is day 2 of the launch of Amplifire, the software that holds a visitor’s attention on your site, or with the unlimited version, on any website you choose.

In the first day, over 500 online marketers invested in this new software. It contains “pattern interrupt” technology, showing visitors something unexpected that you design that causes them to pause and consider what to do next.

Psychologists say that you have less than 7 seconds to make an impact on your website visitors before they turn around and leave. You must earn their attention in that 7 seconds. With Amplifire software, you can do it.

If you have a website, then you know that getting your traffic to become subscribers and buyers is critical for a long-term business.

Unfortunately, 72% of your visitors leave your site without taking any action. If you could keep a substantial portion of that 72%, it could make a big difference in your earnings.

Amplifire creates stunning full-screen “conversion mats” that appear when people land on your site or eCom store.

These full screen displays, that can fade in or drop down and contain your Call to Action. are what capture visitor attention and keeps them around

Now you can:
• Get more Email Subscribers with unmissable optin forms
• Generate more sales with “instant impact” coupons, special offer announcements, contests and more
• Increase your ad ROI by making your website dynamically change to match your ads.

And there’s more. IM NewsWatch has bundled some outstanding bonuses with this new software: IM NewsWatch Bonuses for Amplifire

Unfortunately, because of the popularity of this launch, the creators have decided they can charge more for this software, so the price is rising. To get the best price, go here now: Amplifire

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