Update: We published this information because it was news. However, we haven’t been able to verify the quality of this training, so, at the moment, we don’t recommend that you invest.

It used to be easy to earn a living online, about 12 years ago. There wasn’t a lot of competition and people experiencing the internet for the first time were excited by the newness of it all and would click on anything that sounded interesting.

Since then everything has changed. There’s a lot more competition, and people have become jaded by the overwhelming amount of promotion and advertising.

But Lance Tamashiro and Robert Plank have been working on a process to restore your ability to make money simply, without being hindered by the “new normal.”

Tamashiro reports he “generated an extra $4200+ per month (starting over from scratch) from just 45 minutes per day.”

They call it Profit Dashboard, and with its guidance, Tamashiro says you can:
• Do your work, anytime day or night and only work 45 minutes per day. Hint: Once you get the hang of it, you can scale up your business to earn more.
• Earn income starting from nothing (including, no money down), and get better day after day. Hint: you will get more efficient as you go along.
• Earn your living without any technical skills; you don’t even need a website. Hint: use a site that already has lots of visitors you can sell to.
• Build your business with no squeeze pages, sales letters, or emails.Hint: the high-traffic website handles all your marketing.

That business sounds perfect for a beginner with no money, and Tamashiro says that’s exactly the business he built.

Tamashiro and Plank say, “We’ve formulated the exact plan for you to quit that day job, pay off your home, buy that dream car, travel the world, cushion your bank account, and more. Our special ‘income accelerator’ made just for you is called Profit Dashboard.”

Among other things, in this training, you will discover is seven quick things (things that take less than 10 seconds each) that more than double your income compared to the typical “lazy” sellers who don’t take this opportunity seriously.

Tamashiro and Plank are truthful in saying they aren’t promising miracles, but they are giving you a 30-day guarantee. If you can’t succeed with this in 30 days, ask for your money back.

If you are a beginner, this may be perfect for you. If you already have a job and can’t invest much time in your online business, this may be right for you, too.

Tamashiro has a video on their site explaining how he has exceeded $4200 per month and expects to reach $5000 per month about the time you read this. And he started from nothing.

Get the whole story on this part-time online business and get your own copy of this blueprint here: Profit Dashboard

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