It can be hard to keep up with your social media marketing opportunities. There are so many platforms to choose from that knowing which are best is sometimes a challenge.

Of course, you should make sure your business is represented on the “tried and true” Big 3:
• Facebook
• Twitter
• Pinterest

But, that’s not enough these days. In addition to these three, you should also be sure that you have visibility on some of the fresh, new platforms, as well.

Which of the newest offerings have the most potential? In this article, we will discuss four of the latest newcomers that show great promise for popularity and engagement. Read on to learn more.

1. Periscope is revolutionizing the way we share video. On this nifty social media platform, you can share live video on demand. This is a great way to boost your personal branding efforts because you can offer such popular services as:
– One-on-one, personal answers and advice.
– Personal interaction in real time
– Coaching and instruction

All of this makes it very easy to build a meaningful, positive relationship on Periscope with each of your customers or clients.

2. Hyper is an excellent place to share photos using geotags and hashtags. The site is quite similar to Reddit and Instagram. Users subscribe to hashtags so that they can enjoy a constant hashtag feed, the contents of which are determined by user up-votes.

Hyper differs from Instagram and Reddit in that the purpose of the platform is to provide answers to questions. The popularity of pictures posted is based on the quality of the picture and the quality of the answer provided. This is a great venue for sharing images and advice about topics such as style, fashion, vacation destinations and other hot topics that beg questions and benefit from images.

One thing important to know about Hyper is that it’s only on iOS and doesn’t have much of a user base, yet. But it’s growing.

3. Snapchat is considered the third most popular social media network among millennials. The network allows its users to send photo messages which are deleted automatically shortly after they are viewed. In consideration of its growing popularity, Snapchat rejected a $3 billion buyout deal from Facebook in November of last year.

Many industry insiders were shocked by this decision of Snapchat. But it seems to be a smart decision considering the current value of Snapchat, which is estimated at $10 billion. More than 70% of college students are reported as posting on Snapchat at least once a day.

You can use Snapchat for a behind the scenes look at your company or to show people using your product. Of course, you can also use it to tell a story or just to show something humorous about your company. You can then tell them to visit your site to see the whole story.

If you have a special offer, you can start off with a view of your product and lead them back to your site to a specific landing page URL. You can also lead them back to your site with an offer for a discount code.

4. Michael Birch (founder of is now also the founder of Blab. It is the latest social media site creating quite a buzz in the industry. Blab combines the best elements of other, older services, such as Google Hangouts and Periscope. This social media site provides an interactive and unique video chatting platform.

Viewers who join the live stream are able to watch it as with any other service. The hotseating feature is what makes Blab different from similar services. In fact, there are four seats open in a conversation. The person who hosts the Blab can invite up to four people at a time to jump into the conversation. Such a conversation is far more interactive than a simple webinar.

You can use Blab to grow your community. You can also host a Blab if you have a new product that you want to promote.

If your customers have any questions or you want to teach people how to use your product or service, this is a great platform to use. Instead of having webinars, you can replace them with live, streaming Blabs to reach your audience.

Select The Social Media Platforms That Suit Your Product Or Service

Social media is a hot topic in and of itself. That is why several new platforms are introduced every month. Don’t run yourself ragged trying to keep up. Instead, take the time to clearly identify what sort of interaction will benefit your business. Carefully examine the platforms you are considering joining and only select those that are user-friendly and provide services that meet the needs of your business.

Jonathan Leger has been a successful Internet Marketer for over 11 years. He owns an SEO Tools suite at

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