This is our last opportunity to tell you about Lucas Adamski‘s new collection of covers that you can customize with your book title, author name and, if you like, with a new graphic. (No Photoshop needed; Powerpoint or Open Office is enough.)

Adamski is a professional graphic designed. He has many design projects to his credit. His latest (he calls it Ecover Maniac V2) is a collection of 80 book covers suitable for Kindle (and, with a little work, for Nook or physical books.)

He laid out the cover, selected a compatible font, added a suitable graphic, all with a designer’s eye. Unless you have his skills, you couldn’t hope to come close to his quality by doing it yourself.

In this collection you are getting 40 covers for fiction books in various genres plus 40 covers for non-fiction books. That’s enough covers for a whole writing career.

One important feature is the easy to use 3D Ecover Creator. Use it to turn your 2D flat images into beautiful, attention-grabbing 3D ecover graphics on your sales pages and elsewhere.

These covers are impressive. Your eye is drawn to them. (So are the eyes of your buyers.)

This is an update to his original Ecover Maniac, which only had 60 covers. And it’s quite a bargain.

If you get it today, you will still be given “launch special” pricing. Go here now: Ecover Maniac V2.

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