Lee Pennington and Danny Ade just released PageFlame, software that can transform your Facebook marketing.

To successfully sell on Facebook, you need to get your message in front of the right people. This requires getting it into the news feed where they will actually see it, not depending on their decision to visit your fan page. Let your ad in the news feed drive them to your fan page; don’t leave it to chance.

Of course, when they get to your fan page, they need to find professional-quality content. PageFlame meets both of these needs. In fact, it:

• Builds drag & drop eCommerce, Affiliate, Product, Opt-in & sales pages within Facebook

• Gives you insight into your prospects’ interests, insight into your campaign ROI, insight into your whole marketing process

• Creates high converting Landing, Opt-in, Sales pages (and more) within Facebook tabs. It does it with just a few clicks.

• Allows you to generate leads entirely on auto pilot and download these leads in CSV format.

• Includes YouTube integration, cool social media features, countdown timers, PayPal buttons and more.

• Comes with a Robo-Poster that lets you share content, images & videos on your defined schedule, automatically, to create a viral effect

The creators say, “You can spend a lot of time trying to create a high converting Landing Page ot you can use PageFlame.”

Along with the software, you get 15 Copy & Paste Facebook sales page templates, opt-in page templates & eCommerce page templates. They’ve got you covered.

Before you buy, check the license carefully to verify it meets your needs. There are 3 versions (plus an OTO upgrade version) each with different limitations in the license.

You can get the whole story here: PageFlame.

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