Just launching today, AdExpress is a web-based app, by Jay Venka and Abhi Dwivedi, that will let you design world-class, high-converting graphics for ads on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Mobile Apps and a lot more.

This software includes customizable templates (50+) that you can use to create your own ads that look professional, attractive and inviting.

Besides the templates, AdExpress includes hundreds of buttons, icons, badges, backgrounds and more (how about 20 typestyles?) that you can include in your ads.

Do you:
• Run Facebook ads?
• Own a Shopify store?
• Do eCommerce, in general?
• Market on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram)?

If you do any of these or other online ads, the graphics in your ads can make the difference between a good return on your investment and no return on your investment. AdExpress is designed to make effective ads and make them easily.

And it’s quick. In about 5 minutes, you can select a template, add buttons, backgrounds, etc., edit it with your content, and download the ad image.

It’s good that it is so flexible. To make an impact and get a lot of clicks, you often have to try several variations of ads to see which one works best. That’s easy to do here. On the control panel, just save your ad. Then change the color, the font and the graphic and save it again. You could probably make a dozen ads in an hour.

AdExpress is a web-based app, so it works on Mac, Windows, tablets and even on mobile phones.

It goes live today at 9am EST. Get in early if you can. They say this launch won’t be a drawn-out affair.

If you are looking for simplicity and flexibility (not to mention low cost) in a graphics creator, get the whole story here: AdExpress.

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