If you don’t know HTML, you might have a hard time building a site, and especially, building one quickly. WordPress helps, but even with it, there’s usually a lot to learn, if you want a professional site.

Peter Beattie saw this problem and knew it was an issue for many beginning online marketers. And he resolved to solve this problem, so that anyone, regardless of how little they know, can have an effective website.

Beattie just released Rocket Builder, his software that will build your website, quickly, professionally and beautifully.

This new software takes advantage of the good work done by the WordPress creators, but, by building on that work, it goes far beyond a basic WP site.

You start off with 75 professionally designed templates ready to Install with Just 1 Click. There a corporate templates, niche templates, local business templates, and more. Whatever you want to build, it’s likely that one of these templates is just right for you.

When you select your template, it takes less than a minute for your site to be running. Then just add your own branding and content. You can select colors to use, add your logo, and customize it many other ways.

Beattie has included over 189 pre-loaded web design elements to add to your pages. You get things like popups, alert bars, call to action buttons, contact forms, icons, page dividers, countdown timers and more. Just plop them in wherever you need them because the whole thing is “drag and drop.”

Once it looks the way you like, just click the Publish button and now, the whole world can see your site.

You can build everything from one page minisites to complex corporate sites with Rocket Builder. And it is far easier than ever before.

There is a launch special going on for a while longer, so you can get it for a discount price, but not for long. Go here now: Rocket Builder.

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