Barry Levine says, “Last summer, while attention was focused on eBay’s PayPal sale, the online marketplace was also spinning off its eBay Enterprise unit.

Earlier this week, the new standalone company eBay Enterprise Marketing Solutions announced it had purchased AffiliateTraction. This comes on top of eBay Enterprise’s acquisition in November of performance marketing firm Digital Net Agency (DNA).

We checked in today with the CEO of the new eBay Enterprise Marketing Solutions, to see what the new vision was.

“It’s been a wild couple of months,” Michael Jones told me.

The Last Few Months

But first, let’s review those other eBay Enterprise sales and acquisitions that have created the company’s current shape:

Largely propelled by its purchase of GSI Commerce in 2011 for $2.4 billion, eBay’s eBay Enterprise originally had dreams of getting closer to larger retailers, which might set up eBay-run online stores“.

What Is The New eBay Enterprise All About?

Marketing Land

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