Carly Okyle says, “All of us are glued to our cell phones — and for marketers, that means big opportunity. As mobile continues to become a more significant part of advertising budgets, it’s an important area to watch.

Here are several predictions and trends to take into consideration as you invest in mobile advertising, as told by those on the ground floor.

1. Content marketing will improve the mobile marketing experience.

“With the rise of ad blockers, marketers are starting to think about how they can improve the whole advertising experience for users, especially those on mobile devices,” says Sloan Gaon, the CEO of PulsePoint, a programmatic advertising company. “Poor mobile advertising experiences are an issue that content marketing can solve for. Content marketing can drive real value as part of a user’s mobile experience by providing information that a consumer wants to engage with”.

What’s Next in Mobile Advertising? 6 Trends for the New Year

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