SBT team says, “Back in 2013, we wrote about whether or not a cache plugin will help your SEO, and almost three years later it seems that the WordPress W3 total cache plugin may have a monopoly on the different plugins out there. It’s still the most popular, but unfortunately the idea of a cache plugin in general hasn’t grown in popularity much over the last three years. It’s still incredibly important to a good online strategy for any business, so consider why the W3 total cache is a good choice and why it really matters in the first place below.

3 Benefits of the W3 Total Cache Plugin for Your Website

For those who are unfamiliar, a cache plugin is all about the speed of your website. It’s important that your pages load quickly because according toKISSMetrics, 79 percent of people will hit the back button and try another website if your pages don’t load in 3 seconds or less. The term “cache” refers to when a copy of your webpage is made in HTML and then stored on your hosting server so that it (the webpage) can more quickly be shown to visitors“.

W3 Total Cache Will Boost Your Business Site: Here’s How

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