Mike Renahan says, “It used to be that reps would go door to door to pitch a prospect on their product. Why? It was the most effective way to get someone to purchase their offering.

But with new technology, new strategies were born. As soon as phones were available, cold calling became a regular practice. Once we started watching television, commercials became engrained in our lives. And now that we’re on social media, sales reps are starting to show up there too.

While savvy reps are quick to adapt to new trends, few fully understand the value social media brings for sales. For example, did you know 63.4% of social sellers reported an increase in their company’s revenue? Or that 45.4% of executives view social selling as “very valuable” to their business?

In light of these statistics, are you more interested in adopting the strategy? I’m going to guess the answer is yes“.

The State of Social Selling in 2016 [Infographic]


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