Richard Smith says, “If you are a business owner, having good social media exposure will always come in handy.

Be it Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook, social presence is certainly a better determinant of our reach as an entrepreneur. The best strategy, however, would be the manner in which technology mixes with social media, for getting the required bouts of online traction.

Facebook has been pretty active in this regard and added a new string to its bow by adding live streaming to its ever-expanding list of features.

Initially rolled out for celebrities, this service is now available to commoners as well. It’s currently being beta tested on personal accounts, and will be rolled out shortly. Competing against the likes of Meerkat and Twitter-owned Periscope, Facebook has included this technology after multiple speculations and apprehensions.

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With Live Video Streaming on-board, entrepreneurs can now supercharge their strategies and take their businesses to greater heights“.

Likes Go Live: How to Use Live Video for Your Business

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