Barry Levine says, “LeadPages, whose purpose in life has been to capture leads at “points of signup” like opt-in forms or landing pages, is now reorienting itself toward a new goal: becoming the “command center” of marketing tools.

The Minneapolis-based company released on Tuesday a new product, Center, that is intended to act as the manager of leads.

Until midnight on New Year’s Eve, LeadPages is accepting early adopters of Center at a lifetime, half-off discounted price of $399 annually. After that, the product will be sold at full price when it is made available in late February.

Center merges and tracks leads across such solutions as email service providers, CRMs or webinar providers, so that rules on how and when to engage those leads can be set. For instance, when this lead (tracked across several tools via email address) abandons a shopping cart purchase, send this email“.

LeadPages Wants Its New “Center” Product To Conduct Your Marketing Orchestra

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