Matt Mansfield says, “Back in 2011, Goggle introduced the “Zero Moment of Truth” (ZMOT), the exact moment that a consumer, whether a business (B2B) or individual (B2C) goes online to find the product or service that will fulfill their need. ZMOT is all about being present in the time and that a customer needs you.

Google contends that your brand, or at least its content, needs to be there at the ZMOT (via search or on social media) or you will lose the sale to a competitor: “How many of those times do you show up? How many times do they choose you, and why? Most importantly, how many times does your competitor show up, but you don’t?”

Fast-forward to today and forward-looking sellers have taken the ZMOT to the next level: social selling. In a nutshell, social selling can be defined as: Monitoring social channels to identify and respond to potential leads and customers during the ZMOT when they’re looking for the information, products and services you can provide“.

Improve Social Selling with These Top Tools and Platforms

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