Tracy Maple says, “Shoppers conduct more online research before buying, and that translates into online sales, according to MasterCard. Retailers also benefit as consumers spend money they’ve saved because of lower gasoline prices.

Online retail sales increased 20% between Black Friday and Christmas Eve, while total retail sales excluding automobiles and gasoline rose 7.9%, according to data released today by MasterCard Advisors.

MasterCard’s data shows that furniture and women’s apparel sales posted double-digit increases, accounting for a large chunk of the growth. MasterCard did not break out specific sales figures. Warmer fall weather delayed clothing and accessories sales to beyond Black Friday, and consumers tapped the money they’ve gained from cheap gas prices to buy during the holidays, spending 72 cents of every dollar they saved from lower fuel costs, MasterCard found. Some retail categories declined compared with last year, including men’s apparel, electronics and luxury items“.

Holiday e-commerce sales surge 20%

Internet Retailer

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