Marketers typically concentrate their Search Engine Marketing on Google. That’s no surprise since Google is the top search engine.

However, Bing and Yahoo! are also top tier search engines and they can drive a lot of traffic to your sites, too.

Fortunately (for you), many marketers ignore them. You know better. Their users spend a lot of money online and you can get some of that bounty.

Mark Bishop noticed a peculiarity in Bing’s ranking algorithm. He played around with this insight and and is finding it profitable to focus his marketing work on taking advantage of it.

Bishop says that anyone can do what he did. It doesn’t take any SEO expertise or other technical smarts. He shows how in get get these high Bing and Yahoo rankings in Bingy, his new training.

The nice thing about the Bingy process is that no SEO is required and no technical skills.

The whole process only takes about 30 minutes and a $30 investment to set up.

And just as important, you do the work once, and you are done with it.

Mark repeatedly scales up his Bing marketing with the Bingy process. If you want to do the same, you don’t have to do a lot of additional work. You can simply use curated content to build your business bigger.

Using this process, Bishop is able to rank all his sites on page 1 in 48 hours, and he didn’t have to do any Search Engine Optimization to make it happen.

Bingy is a step by step formula that uses the peculiarity in the ranking algorithm. Bishop says that following this process allows a marketer to grab page #1 positions for any site.

That ranked site can be either old or new; the process works for both. And Bishop has found that usually 48 hours is all that it has taken him to accomplish these rankings.

He shows these results in a short video he includes on the sales page. Watch this Short Video for proof & live examples.

Bishop has been doing this since August and has found some notable success: 1000s of visitors to a brand new site on autopilot.

If you are looking for “point and click” traffic that can bring in passive income, for any niche you choose, watch the demo video and then get your own copy of the training here: Bingy

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