Build new products with PLR (the smart way) in a flash #adHaving your own product with your own name on it does a lot to build your credibility. Authors and product creators are seen as experts, and experts are paid better than the average person.

An easy way to get your own product is to use a Private Label Rights (PLR) product and turn it into a product of your own. The more products you create using this method, potentially the higher your credibility and, ultimately, earnings can rise.

However, the process is not foolproof. There is good PLR and bad PLR. Even more importantly, there are good ways (smart ways) to use PLR and bad ways to use PLR.

Mark Dickenson has created simple video-based training called Lightning Fast Product Creation, that shows you the best way to use PLR to create your own products and then the best way to get traffic to your website where you sell the products.

Dickenson will show you what niches are profitable (and which ones to stay away from) when building your product. He also shows you how to build your product in just a few hours, maybe less time than it takes to read your e-mail.

Lightning Fast Product Creation shows you how to use your products to build a passive income so you don’t have to spend all your waking hours at a computer.

And he shows you how to get all the traffic you can handle to visit your sales page.

This training, that gets you into the product creation business in hours, is super cheap, only $7.

This sounds like a good deal. Get your copy here: Lightning Fast Product Creation.

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