If you consult with local businesses, helping them to get an online presence, you know that sometimes it can be tough to get their attention and convince them that the investment in an online presence will pay off.

Delivering the work is no picnic, either.

The work can be simplified and the results can be improved if you have a mentor who has been there before you and who has tried all the techniques and discovered what works and what doesn’t.

It would be worth almost any amount to save years of waste, experimentation and failure; to be able to build your business in a proven way and deliver proven online content that your client will be pleased with.

One man who has been there and has lived to tell about it is Drew Laughlin. And he has built a large kit of tools that helped him, and he’s offering it to you at a fire sale price.

There are two main components in this kit:

First, there is a large collection of written articles and videos that you can use in your own marketing.

These present your business as professional and knowledgeable about the needs of local businesses. Use them on your site, in physical brochures, on YouTube, etc.

Second, there is a set of 56 websites, each tailored to a specific local niche, from attorneys to veterinarians.

In this niche marketing package, along with the website, there is a video to build your client’s credibility. Each video includes:
■ USA voice over version (mp4)
■ UK voice over version (mp4)
■ Version without audio (mp4)
■ Written scripts so your client or a local announcer can record the voiceover
■ MP3 audios for every voice over so you can use in radio spots or create your own video

Each niche package also includes professionally written 14-30 page (8.5″ x 11″) reports, specific to the niche. They actually give value to the reader (that is, to the potential customer of your client); they answer their questions and leads them to call the business.

And there are other marketing tools included for your client, as well.

As we mentioned, this is a fire sale: It has a super-low price, but a limited duration. If you work with local businesses, don’t delay.

Before this special sale ends, get your own copy here: Marketing Consultant Business Kit.

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