Earlier this week Drew Laughlin and Pat Flanagan pulled their Marketing Consultant PLR Business Kit off the market.

We did not hear about the sale until the day it ended. But the content they were offering looked superb, so we asked a favor, and they permitted us to offer it to IM NewsWatch readers for a limited period.

What they are offering are three things that will make the local marketing consultant’s job much easier:
1. 150 video and written articles on various marketing topics that can be customized and placed on your own website to attract clients. Or customize the written reports, convert the reports to PDF downloads and sell them to your offline clients either individually or on a membership site.

With this professional content, you build a quality content-rich site quickly. You are getting 8 months of content, each with articles, audios, PowerPoints, videos.

2. A collection of 56 niche-specific lead generation web sites for local businesses; such as Moving Company, Real Estate Agent, Wedding Planner, Auto Repair, and Divorce Attorney. Build these sites and either sell them or rent them to local businesses so they can attract new clients.

3. Professionally written Lead-Gen Reports plus Articles and Autoresponder Messages for most of the niche web sites. Your clients can use them to get new customers.

As we say, they were offering this package for a firesale price ($32 when they closed the sale). They decided to pull it from the market. That’s unfortunate; local consultants needed quality content like this.

As a favor to IM NewsWatch readers, they have privately reopened their sale and they are even offering you a much lower price.

Because you can rent these lead gen sites, you could build a business that could last for years, paying you over and over.

Before this special sale ends, get your own copy here: Marketing Consultant Business Kit.

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