Yanik Silver has kept a low profile for the last couple of years. Before that, he had created a number of training products for small business people. While he has been out of the public eye, he has focused his energy in building a mastermind group he calls The Maverick Network. He has also been honing his vision for how to change the way business is played.

He has just released Evolved Enterprise to share his new vision. He calls it “the first practical road map for building a socially conscious, purpose driven company from the inside out.” He believes there’s a coming shift in business that could change everything.”

He believes that a business without a core Impact on the world will be at a competitive disadvantage in 4-7 years (or maybe less). In Evolved Enterprise, he explores how this shift will take place and what you need to do to to become a beneficiary of the shift, not a victim.

This is not just another info product. You are getting the tools to not only create more meaningful businesses for yourself, but you’re also getting the tools to participate in a revolution that will change how business is played in the 21st century.

Evolved Enterprise is about moving your business from a transactional company to a transformational company and transcending business as usual

Silver says he is building something truly unique and meaningful for the marketplace and for the world. He would like you to have a chance to participate in this new business climate so, as a first step, he is offering his soft-cover book, Evolved Enterprise, for just the cost of shipping and handling.

Silver has created a video where he shares the overview of his vision. On this page, you can also get a copy of his book: Evolved Enterprise.

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