Stacy DeBroff says, “Recently, I spoke at the 11th Annual M2Moms Conference in New York, which has become the premier conference on marketing to Moms, attended by both agencies and leading national consumer brands.

Moms are a critical target market that so many business marketing teams tend to overlook when developing a strategy for consumer products.

During my presentation, I shared my trend-spotting on some key emergent trends that will really matter to marketers across the coming year.

Trend #1: Moms Resent Intrusive Marketing

Who resents when someone actually calls your cell phone?

Lots of us! We want people to text us instead. It’s because doing things on our time has become a huge value to us, and we deeply resent intrusions on it.  We prefer texting on mobile devices or sending messages on social media platforms, as we can answer back or seek information on our time“.

Future Trends in the Mom Space: Maximizing Marketing Insights

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