Jonathan Long says, “The holiday season is right around the corner, providing businesses with an incredible opportunity to generate record sales online. Ecommerce sales have increased year after year, reaching $53.3 billion in 2014, which was a 15 percent increase over 2013. Cyber Monday alone generated $2.038 billion in sales, a 17 percent increase from the previous year.

Those numbers are impressive, but even more impressive is the fact that they only account for desktop sales. Consumers are becoming more comfortable conducting ecommerce transactions on their smartphones and tablets, providing business owners a golden opportunity to have a successful holiday season and a strong end to Q4 of 2015.

Here are some ways to leverage increased holiday website traffic to generate more revenue.

1. Make sure your holiday offers have clear calls to action.

When someone lands on your website you have mere seconds to grab his or her attention. During the holiday season, that window of time is even smaller. Make sure that your holiday offers all feature clear calls to action that instantly command the attention of your visitors. You need to trigger an action as quickly as possible, before your visitors can become frustrated and leave your site to find another option“.

6 Tactics to Generate More Revenue From Increased Holiday Website Traffic

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