Lance Groom reports that he earned $17,857.45 in 8 days with 1 WSO (Warrior Special Offer) online advertisement in the Warrior Forum. And he earned $95.629.05 in 30 days with 1 Tiny Classified Ad.

Groom is offering to show you two ways to earn a living in marketing; both included in his new training he calls DeadlyWSO & MackDaddyAds 2.0.

First is an online advertising and marketing method. A lot of products are sold on the Warrior Forum. Marketers go there to invest in training, sales aids and software to help them build their business. But not every product gets a lot of buyers or even a lot of interest. Groom has had success, though, and he is now sharing the process he uses.

WSO stands for Warrior Special Offers. DeadlyWSO is an audio and video course that shows you everything you need to do to set up, launch and manage your own successful WSOs.

It starts with what products to create and how to create them or if you prefer to offer services, how to build services your subscribers will sign up for and become dependent on.

Along with DeadlyWSO, you get another, independent, video course, MackDaddyAds 2.0.

This course teaches you how to create your own successful newspaper classified ads business, a business that could earn you a good living. Things you are promoting online can also be promoted via newspaper ads. You can increase your earnings by expanding your advertising efforts.

MackDaddyAds 2.0 shows you tips and techniques that will set your classified ad campaigns apart from your competition, and when you stand out, your sales improve.

Groom says this is the same system he has used to earn a six-figure per month income . And, he says, it’s fast, it’s easy and it really works.

Groom is also bundling 2 other courses into this package, additional training that he says will increase your earnings even more. So it’s a large package, and even implementing just a part of it could make a major difference in your business earnings.

He says he’s raising the price, but as of this writing, you are getting all 4 courses for only $7.

Get your own copy here: DeadlyWSO & MackDaddyAds 2.0.

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