Martin Beck says, “The Interactive Advertising Bureau opened a new front in its battle against ad-blocking companies Tuesday, announcing the creation of a working group and an online hub to help publishers deal with software that strips advertising from their sites.

“We don’t want to see highway robbery becoming the norm across the Web,” said Scott Cunningham, the general manager of the IAB’s Technology Lab. “When it comes to how ad blocking effects [sic] small publishers, there is no question that ad-blocking companies are holding their sites, their livelihoods in fact, hostage.”

There has been speculation that the IAB might sue ad-blocking companies, and Cunningham said the trade group is still looking at its legal options. “No conclusions have been reached on this,” he said during an Ad Week New York press conference.

So for now, the IAB is working to help publishers educate users about a trend that has become a hot-button issue since Apple started supporting mobile ad-blockers with its iOS 9 release this month“.

IAB To Help Publishers Fight Ad Blocking, Says It’s Still Considering Legal Action

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