Sam Robinson and his partners have spent the last 9 months developing new software for Amazon affiliates. It’s a WordPress plugin called Azon Store Builder, and it’s the most advanced Amazon affiliate store builder software available.

Azon Store Builder creates an attractive, and easy to use, Amazon store right on your site.

This powerful plugin builds Amazon affiliate stores with advanced features such as:
• 90 Day Cookies, so you can earn if the visitor buys anything within 90 days
• Auto Price Updater that allows you to not worry about manually tracking and updating product pricing
• Post scheduling, so you can time your posts with the launch of new products you hear about
• Azon Smart Cart, an adaptive cart system allowing your visitors to shop more easily, and for longer
• Social Media Sharing, so customers can invite others to see what you are offering
• Plenty of customization for your store so you can have a unique look and feel
• Localizable display format so international visitors are comfortable

Now you can have your own fully monetized viral store where you can display and sell any inventory that fits your niche.

The grand opening sale in underway so the price is low, but they plan to gradually raise the price as time goes on, so don’t delay. Check all the features and see the samples here: Azon Store Builder.

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