Jimmy Kim and Adeel Chowdhry just opened doors to their Pixel Studio FX Digital Design Platform.

It’s a powerful, but simple, web-based e-cover design tool that will allow you create amazingly detailed digital covers for all of your products.

This is the e-cover design tool that they use in their own online business for all their products.

They have made a video to show how easy it is to use.

It solves a major problem that product creators, offline marketers and others have in getting their work accepted by the general public: Having a professional, attractive look for their product, what’s called “Industrial Design” or “Product Design.”

With Pixel Studio FX, you can build your own artwork for e-books, product boxes and more.

You are receiving the tools and the training to use them so, if you choose, you could start your own digital design business and offer your services to other companies.

Your designs will look first class, and with the 1000s of design elements you are getting, you can create them in just a few minutes.

Here’s the best part: Pixel Studio FX allows to you to find paying design projects and then, only after your hav the contract, you can create the design in just a snap.

In their introduction to this new software, they show you:
• The top online profit problem 95% of marketers share.
• Their exact design software – What they use in their own business
• How to make money online with an e-cover design business.
• The cover design solution that take only minutes.

Of course, you can use the designs you create in your own products, and in your ads, too. You can be confident that they will represent you well.

Jimmy and Adeel really know marketing design, both theory and practice. And it shows in their online success. In just 6 years, they have done over $50million in online sales.

By the way, this principle of using only the best designs applies to Facebook marketing, too.

On Facebook, a simple, professional e-cover design created by Pixel Studio FX may increase your traffic, your conversions and profits by 30% or more, according to Jimmy and Adeel.

When you post a box shot on Facebook, a good design will get clicks; a bad design probably won’t.

In fact, wherever your design appears, it’s hard to over-estimate the importance of a quality appearance for any product you sell.

During their grand opening, Jimmy and Adeel are making this new software available at a quite affordable price.

Get all the details here, and then get your own copy: Pixel Studio FX.

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